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Meet Marc

Marc Goldstein, RICP, AIF®

Financial Educator, Author, Speaker, and Wealth Planner

MARC GOLDSTEIN, RICP, AIF®, is a nationally known Financial Educator, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Retirement Income Specialist, whom you may have seen on NBC, ABC, CBS or Fox network affiliates and Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Journal's Market Watch, and others.

As the Founder and CEO of Marc Goldstein Associates, I have been helping successful business owners, executives and professionals preserve, protect, and pass on their wealth, along with many fine non-profit organizations, since 1992.

Since childhood, witnessing bullying made me very sensitive and aware of the fact that people get taken advantage of on a daily basis. I didn't like it when it happened then, and I still don't like it when it happens today. In spite of the uncomfortable realization, it did attune me to pay more attention, and when I could, I would be able to stand up for other folks. It's interesting how our childhood shapes who we are and what we do. Now, I always felt that the little guy – or clients, if you will – needed an advocate to help them navigate through products that did not meet their goals that the bigger financial firms tended to push them towards.

I enjoy close relationships with my clients. I work effectively with my clients' teams of CPAs, tax attorneys, estate planning attorneys, third-party pension administrators, and property and casualty insurance brokers, each of whom understands the clients’ complex needs. My mission is to collaborate with a team of professionals to help achieve your financial goals.

All of my clients have been by referral only. My practice has been built by hard work and concentrating only on my client’s needs. The blanket statement of “just call my office and we will handle everything” is my idea of service. My staff does whatever is necessary to achieve and assist with a client’s needs.

I live in Harrison, New York with my wife, Beatriz, and our dog, Kai. Beatriz and I have two grown daughters, Julia and Sofia. Everything that I do is for my family, and they inspire me to plan for my clients as if they were a part of my family as well.